Episode 33: Three Opportunities In Today’s Market

Dec 30, 2022

Markets are down and there is a recession looming. Clients, the general public and even some advisors get paralyzed with what do to when markets are down like this. Aaron takes you through three opportunities that you can take right now.

Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

  1. Remember the 3 – legged stool? The pension leg has gone away. Maybe you can create your own now.
  2. Safe money on the sidelines has been earning nothing. Now might be a good time for the next few years for a CD Alternative or a short-term, high quality fixed income portfolio.
  3. Are you taking advantage of tax harvesting? If not, you should be. Has your advisor talked to you about your non-IRA account?
  4. Roth IRA Conversions. We talk about this a lot I know. But the market is down, when it comes back all those gains could be tax free. This year it’s too late, but the market will still be down early 2023.


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