Retirement DNA With Duane Johnson
and Aaron Johnson


Episode 38: How to Stop Stressing Over Money and Start Enjoying Retirement

Quick tips on letting go of financial stress in retirement.
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Episode 37: Why You Should Separate Income and Growth

More and more research is suggesting that the traditional balanced allocation with a 4% withdraw rate is not going to provide the income for a retirees remaining years. But no one wants to talk about different strategies than a balanced portfolio.
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Episode 36: How to Increase Your Confidence through Retirement

Studies show that most Americans need 70% of their pre-retirement income to last throughout retirement. How do you do this when the majority of retirees no longer have a “Three-legged Stool”?
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Episode 35: How to Retire and Aim for The Same Standard of Living

The goal for most Americans is to retire at the same standard of living as when they were working. But it’s harder than most people think. What are some of the things you can do to meet that goal?
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Episode 34: The Secure Act 2.0

The Secure Act 2.0 is nearing final approval and has something in it for everyone. Some of the changes we expected and some of the things we expected weren’t included.
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Episode 33: Three Opportunities In Today’s Market

Markets are down and there is a recession looming. Clients, the general public and even some advisors get paralyzed with what do to when markets are down like this. Aaron takes you through three opportunities that you can take right now.
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Episode 32: How To Win When The Market Is Down

When entering retirement, you should not have to rely on the success of the stock market to keep you afloat.
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Episode 31: The Power of Zero

Most Investment Advisors will tell you they concentrate on getting higher returns with lower risk, then only concentrate on getting higher returns and forget about the lower risk part. But what most advisors and the general public doesn’t understand, is how big of an impact risk plays in a portfolio’s return. Listen as Aaron discusses…
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Episode 30: Reasons to Start Social Security Early Takeaways

Knowing when to start Social Security is always a tough decision. But knowing some of the legitimate reasons to start taking it before Full Retirement Age may help you in your decision. There are also some reasons we would suggest you need to rethink that decision. Listen as Aaron covers some of the good reasons…
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